The National Organization for Medicines (EOF) was established in 1983, with Act 1316, and is a public entity of the Ministry of Health.
EOF mission is to ensure public health and safety with regard to the following products, marketed in Greece:

  •     medicinal products for human and veterinary use
  •     medicated animal foods and food additives
  •     foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses and food supplements
  •     biocides
  •     medical devices
  •     cosmetics

Within the framework of its mission, EOF, in co-operation with the European Union, performs the following tasks:

  • Evaluates and authosizes new, safe and efficient health related products.
  • Monitors the post-marketing product quality, safety and efficancy.
  • Monitors product manufacturing procedures, clinical studies and the marketing of products, in order to ensure compliance with good manufacturing, laboratory and clinical practice, as well as with the existing legislation regarding the marketing, distribution, commercialization and advertising of the products.
  • Develops and promotes medical and pharmaceutical research.
  • Provides health scientists, competent authorities, and the general public with objective and useful information regarding medicines (for human or veterinary use) and other products, in order to ensure their rational use and provide an assessment of their cost-effectiveness.